Why Registerbike?

Too much work for bike thieves

Bike Registry

The registered bike can be identified in all its components.

Just imagine a bicycle with 10 serial keys + 3 QR codes, issued by our site and welded by you or a dealer on your bike. Today if the bike has a manufacture code that has been punched or otherwise, you can add it to the database, is expected to also search personal codes.

Welded codes

Impossible to be removed

They are made of a clear adhesive label cut out of an A4 sheet, as printed. Apply a thin layer of clear two-component glue (available at any hardware store) underneath the label. 30 minutes later apply two layers of the same glue on top of the label including the edges. 6 hours later it will be impossible to remove it.

Two-component glue

How to apply

The two-component adhesive is an easy to find compound in any hardware store; first pour the necessary amount in a pan and as you start stirring, the catalysing process begins immediately, so you apply it as soon as possible. In order to glue multiple codes, make sure that you have a few brushes available as the glue will harden the tips and the application won’t give satisfactory results. Have a hardware dealer handy as the application requires some practice so it might be easier to seek assistance. Look for a dealer in your area (“Hardware dealer , search by postcode) Professionals might charge you around 25 to 30 euro to do the job.

How to print the custom codes

Use transparent adhesive film for serial keys and white film for Qr code

You will need some clear adhesive film for serial codes and a white film for the QR code files are ready to be printed for each bicycle you register Cut and paste Serial numbers are to be printed on clear adhesive film. Choose a colour which will stand out on your bike. Print QR codes on white film to enable the QR scanner to read codes

Required Materials


To buy: -A4 transparent film adhesive for printing serial codes -A4 paper adhesive white film for printing QR code, compatible with the print that you will use (Inkjet or Laser), it is recommended to print with Ink Jet film which is more flexible and adhere well to the bike - 1 tube of clear component glue, minimum 24 ml. -4 small brushes - 1 pair of scissors to cut out the labels - 1 degreaser - Kitchen paper Make sure you wear old clothes. If any mistake just clean the surface with paper and degreaser and start it over again. Always work on clean, dry surfaces.

Burglar alarm

Change status

Once you upload 5 pictures of your bike clearly showing the register bike code and the QR code,your account will be activated within 24 hours. Once registered the “status” mode will be enabled, for you to insert an alarm or update the status to "stolen", if this applies. Incorrect use of this site will automatically delete your bike from the status "stolen". When the status "stolen" is active, your bike is automatically listed in the stolen bikes archive, triggering an email to all subscribers living within 200 miles radius. Such notifications are always checked by the site administrators and sending out will only happen once the alarm has been verified.

Sale or change of owner

Change status

If your bike is transferred to a new owner and you choose to transfer access to the Registerbike website onto him, you must update the email address with the new owner’s. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the new user and access will be updated and enabled.

Rules & Regulation

Registering your bike in the database

All users are expected to follow the rules. Your account will be activated once 5 pictures of the bike are uploaded in the database, where minimum one shows the pasted code. The alarm of a stolen bike can be only sent 24 hours after registration is completed. The website administrators reserve every right to edit any imprecision as entered by the user. Any misuse might lead to deletion of the user. After creating the ID code you will have 30 days to complete the registration of your bike. The use is free.