Become a dealer with Registerbike

New job opportunities

Are you good at DIY?

Make a profit out of it!

Whether you are a student or have a workshop and work with bicycles, this can be your opportunity. Applying register bike codes is a simple task but not accessible to all, and some bikers might seek help. If you have already applied the codes, and you think that you could do the some for other users, sign up and we will contact you.

Applying the Registerbike codes

A new trade

Any task even the simplest one will require some experience and expertise to perform at best. Registerbike can be carried out by anyone with a little DIY experience. Our site aims to encourage this possibility. Previous users with less practicality have often expressed the need to find fast and affordable assistance.

Price list

Applying the codes

The material required for each application which is 10 serial codes + 3 QR codes costs about € 10.00. The time required to apply the codes once you have gained some experience is of about one and a half hour. We amount the total cost of each application to approximately € 30.00. This figure is only an estimate.

How to register

Real costs

Anyone who registered with the “Dealer” service, not only will be visible on the site to all users by search (up to a radius 100 km from the zip code as enter), but also through the media. Download our Application “Registerbike” and spread the word. Also the subscription cost will be quickly recovered with your first application job.


Rules and Regulation

When you register you are asked to enter your data, telephone and address, and specify whether you want to work from your workshop or at domicile. Once your payment has been processed, your Dealer profile will be enabled within 48 hours. The profile must conform to the policy of the site. Damaging attitudes or any verbal attacks will be immediately reported. The website reserves any editing rights on the “Dealer” users’ profile.